Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots - Book V - Complete Set


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Author(s): Osborne, Elizabeth
Illustrator: Knox, Larry
Page Length: 142 pgs
Copyright: 2015
Weight: 27.10 lbs.
Item Code: 309787
ISBN: 9781620192009

Improve vocabulary and give your 11th-grade students a distinct advantage on challenging reading assignments, whether in the classroom or on standardized tests by teaching your students the importance of vocabulary root words.

Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots Book V shows 11th-grade students the common elements of thousands of words: roots, prefixes, and suffixes derived from Latin and Greek.  If students understand what a prefix of suffix means, they’ll be better equipped to understand unfamiliar words at first sight.

Make sure grade 11 students retain what you're teaching. Exercises for each unit require students to use each new word several times in different contexts, answer multiple-choice questions after reading short passages, use their knowledge of Latin and Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes to define new words from context, and more.

This package includes everything you need in order to effectively teach Latin and Greek root-based vocabulary, including:

  • 30 11th-Grade Student Books
  • 1 Teacher's Edition
  • 2 Reproducible Test Packs
  • Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
  • Practice PowerPoint Presentation
  • 8 posters
  • New for 2016! Enhanced Test/Homework Pack offering new question types!

Customer Reviews


02 Mar 2016 | Mrs. Newby, high school English teacher |
While I wish there were more included activities, this is, overall a great product. I've seen my students develop a new understanding of roots and affixes.

Review Rating: 4

02 Mar 2016 | Secondary Special Education Teacher -English |
The lessons follow same pattern and works GREAT with all students regardless of level and learning issues

Review Rating: 5

02 Mar 2016 | Linda Copley Lemons |
This is a well designed tool for both teachers and students. The organization of material and the variety of activities makes it very user friendly.

Review Rating: 5

02 Mar 2016 | High School English Teacher |
Provides a simple and easy to use program. The DVDs allow for introduction and further practice. Students are introduced to Latin and Greek Roots. Since we have implemented the program within our school, students have improved in their recognition of roots and word building skills.

Review Rating: 4

02 Mar 2016 | high school English teacher |
Buy it, use it!

Review Rating: 5

02 Mar 2016 | Mrs. Cuevas |
Solid progressive instruction of roots and prefixes for those seeking to aid students in ascertaining meaning when context clues are insufficient.

Review Rating: 4

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