The traditional English grammar lesson focuses on rote memorization of arbitrary rules, endless repetition, and the faint hope that students can apply their grammar skills when it's time to write.

What if there's a better way?

Grammar for Writing is a grammar and language workbook that follows the "descriptivist" approach to teaching grammar by showing your students the logic behind the rules. When they really understand how and why language works, their newly acquired language skills will naturally improve their writing.

Teaching grammar doesn't have to be hypothetical and burdensome. With Grammar for Writing, you'll have everything you need to give your students a powerful, thorough, and practical understanding of English grammar and mechanics.

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The 11 grammar lessons in this book include:

  • Why grammar?
  • How parts of speech work
  • Units of thought: words, phrases, and clauses
  • The how and why of sentence structure
  • Common grammar problems and their solutions
  • The logic of punctuation

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Grammar for Writing

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Grammar for Writing

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