Now you can introduce Shakespeare to students of all ability levels—and help even reluctant readers learn to love his wit and dramatic expertise.

To help your students more easily understand what's happening in the play, Side by Side editions present a modernized version on the page facing Shakespeare's original text.

Once your students understand the plot, they can look into Shakespeare's original text to perform a deeper analysis of its symbolism, figurative language, character development, themes, etc.

As students read Shakespeare's texts, they'll enjoy the suspenseful plots, thrilling twists, deep emotions, and skilled character development without feeling overwhelmed by Shakespeare's sometimes daunting language.

Some teachers assign the modernized text as homework and discuss the original in class, some use Side by Sides as scaffolding for the more difficult passages, some just share a copy with students that need it. However you decide to use it, you'll love how much more engaged your students are when they know what's going on in he play!

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Side by Side Teaching Packages include:

  • 30 Student Side by Side texts with Shakespeare's original text and a modernized "translation," as well as guided reading questions.
  • Reproducible Literature Teaching Unit for the play, which includes a chapter-by-chapter study guide, objectives, a test, and more. Learn more about Literature Teaching Units.
  • Reproducible Response Journal for the play, which includes open-ended response questions that relate the play to your students' lives. Learn more about Response Journals.
  • Reproducible Activity Pack for the play, which is loaded with worksheets, graphic organizers, and activities for the play. Learn more about Activity Packs.
  • Answer Key for questions in the student edition.