Classroom Library Packs

Get students excited for reading with bundled book sets for elementary, middle, and high school classrooms.

Get students excited for reading with perfectly bundled book sets.
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Why Choose Classroom Library Packs?

One of the best ways to help foster a lifelong love of literature is to give students reading options that go beyond your curriculum. That’s why classroom libraries are key.

However, with so many books on the market, finding the right titles for your students can sometimes be challenging, time-consuming, and costly. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

Classroom Library Packs are the perfect solution for building a comprehensive book selection for your students, whether you’re expanding your current library or just starting out.

Available for upper-elementary, middle, and high school students, Classroom Library Packs are curated book bundles tailored for different grade levels and genres. Each Classroom Library Pack contains an assortment of high-interest paperbacks that are sure to hook even the most reluctant readers.

Quick Facts about Classroom Library Packs:

  • 10 paperbacks per Library Pack
  • 50 paperbacks in Complete Sets
  • Titles chosen based on text complexity and subject matter
  • Available to ship to your home or school

Plus, Classroom Library Packs are automatically upgraded to our biggest paperback discount—35% off the retail price of each book!

A classroom library pack provides a comprehensive collection of thoughtfully selected books across various genres and reading levels, offering students a diverse range of literature to explore and engage with.

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Fiction Classroom Library Packs

Stock your classroom library shelves with classic and contemporary novels that are tried-and-true student favorites.


Nonfiction Classroom Library Packs

From fascinating historical accounts to personal narratives, Nonfiction Classroom Library Packs give students different ways to discover the world around them.

New Books

New Books Classroom Library Packs

Find a selection of new and noteworthy books that have students and teachers abuzz in classrooms across the country!

Sci-fi & Fantasy

Sci-fi & Fantasy Classroom Library Packs

With action-packed stories and larger-than-life characters, Sci-fi & Fantasy Classroom Library Packs will take your students on otherworldly adventures.

Underrepresented Authors

Underrepresented Authors Classroom Library Packs

Introduce students to new perspectives and experiences with acclaimed books written by authors from marginalized communities.

Complete Sets

Complete Sets

Build the ultimate classroom library with one bundle! Complete Sets contain all 50 books featured in each grade level’s Packs.

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