Rhetorical Devices

The ultimate guide to teaching rhetorical devices in writing

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The ultimate guide to teaching rhetorical devices in writing

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Rhetorical Devices
Class Set

10th-12th Grade

Rhetorical Devices Individual Copy

Rhetorical Devices
Individual Copy

10th-12th Grade

See how powerful your students' writing can be.

An excellent resource for AP* Language and Composition exam practice as well as Common Core classrooms, Rhetorical Devices gives your high school students the tools they need to make lively arguments that really pack a punch.

This manual for student writers goes further than other books that simply show how to identify literary techniques. Rhetorical Devices offers an in-depth study of 33 different rhetorical devices and literary techniques, including explanations of the devices, exercises on identifying and using them, and more.

Students will learn to accurately identify and evaluate the effectiveness of rhetorical devices in not only famous speeches, advertisements, political campaigns, and literature, but also in the blog, newspaper, and magazine entries they read in their daily lives. Students will then improve their own writing strategy, style, and organization by correctly and skillfully using the devices they have learned.

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Rhetorical Devices includes lessons on:

  • Allusion
  • Antithesis
  • Hyperbole
  • Metaphor
  • Personification
  • Simile
  • And 27 more!

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