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Whether you’re teaching online for one day or one semester, these lesson plans, digital programs, and other ELA materials will help you keep students on track.

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Remote Learning Resources for ELA Teachers

If the last few years are any indication, there will likely be times in the future when you’ll have to take learning online. As we all know, that’s easier said than done. Adapting English language arts lessons to the remote classroom can be challenging, especially when circumstances suddenly change with little notice.

At Prestwick House, we want to help you tackle remote learning with meaningful ELA lessons that build critical skills rather than just give students busy work. Whether you’re teaching online for one day or one year, these downloadable lesson plans, digital programs, and other materials will help keep you and your students on the road to academic success.

If You Have a Surprise Day Away from School

Lesson Plans at the English Teacher’s Free Library

Available to download at the Free Library, our ready-to-go lesson plans are perfect for enrichment activities or last-minute assignments for a substitute teacher. Covering a range of subjects such as literary analysis, vocabulary in context, and writing practice, the majority of these lessons can be completed in a single class period.

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Mastery of English Grammar and Mechanics – Downloadable Edition

If you’re looking for quick activities that students can work on independently, Mastery of English Grammar and Mechanics has you covered. This downloadable resource includes 12 lessons and exercises on capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech, subjects and predicates, and more!

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If You’re Online for a Few Days

Instant Short Story Packs

Designed to be completed in just a few class periods, Instant Short Story Packs make a great addition to any literature unit. Each downloadable Pack includes the full short story text, standards-based learning objectives, graphic organizers, and rigorous analysis questions to guide students through a close reading of the text. Instant Short Story Packs are available for over 25 famous short stories.

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10 Days to A+ Grammar – Downloadable Editions

Help students master various aspects of grammar while saving valuable planning time with 10 Days to A+ Grammar! Like the name suggests, each downloadable guide provides you with 10 days of material that can stand alone or be used to reinforce your existing curriculum. Choose from Subject/Verb and Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement; Fragments and Run-ons; Commas and Apostrophes; Modifiers and Pronouns; and Verbs.

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If Remote Learning Lasts for a Month

Literature Teaching Units – Downloadable Editions

With Literature Teaching Units, there’s no need to spend hours creating lesson plans for the books in your literature curriculum. In each Unit, you’ll find a chapter-by-chapter guide consisting of questions about the book's content, free-response essay writing prompts, a list of literary terms used in the book, and other resources to help your students meet key academic objectives.

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Mastery of Writing – Downloadable Edition

Not entirely pleased with your students’ writing skills? Sharpen them up with Mastery of Writing! Begin with the included diagnostic test to gauge students’ current abilities, and then have students work through 14 different lessons that target key writing topics such as tense shifts, sentence fragments, verbals, proofreading, and more.

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If You’re Away for a Semester or More

Vocabulary Power Plus Online

Staying on top of vocabulary study is simple with Vocabulary Power Plus Online. In just a few minutes of practice each week, your students will learn and retain high-level vocabulary words, thanks to interactive exercises, context-based activities, and summative assessments. Because the program is entirely computer-based, it can be easily adapted for use both in the classroom and remotely.

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KeyLit (Launching Summer 2022)

Teaching literature outside of the classroom is entirely possible thanks to KeyLit, a new interactive program by Prestwick House. Intended to be used in conjunction with reading a novel, KeyLit Literature Companions will help your students improve reading comprehension and develop skills in understanding characterization, theme, and other literary elements.

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