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Download literary short story packs to help you teach critical thinking skills.

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Download literary short story packs to help you teach critical thinking skills.

Teach literary analysis through short stories.

Whether you're looking for a short story to pair with the novel you're teaching, or you need a 2- to 3-day lesson plan to use with other stories in your syllabus, Prestwick House Instant Short Story Packs help students go beyond basic comprehension and learn how to analyze literature.

Each downloadable pack addresses key skills through 5-10 standards-based analysis questions by guiding students through a series of scaffolding graphic organizers and in-class activities.

Every Instant Short Story Pack includes:

  • Scaffolding graphic organizers and in-class activities
  • Standards-based objectives
  • Introduction and pre-reading notes
  • Complete short story text
  • Rigorous analysis questions
  • Detailed teacher's answer guide
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The Blind Man

Author: Lawrence, D.H.

The Father

Author: Zeller, Florian

The Fly

Author: Mansfield, Katherine


Author: Joyce, James


Author: Maugham, William Somerset


Author: Twain, Mark

The Purple Jar

Author: Edgeworth, Maria


Author: Chopin, Kate


Author: Saki

The Story of an Hour

Author: Chopin, Kate

The Luck of Roaring Camp

Author: Harte, Bret

Paul's Case

Author: Cather, Willa

Gift of the Magi, The

Author: Henry, O.

To Build a Fire

Author: London, Jack

Ice Palace, The

Author: Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The

Author: Irving, Washington

Monkey's Paw, The

Author: Jacobs, W.W.

Bartleby, the Scrivener

Author: Melville, Herman

Blue Hotel, The

Author: Crane, Stephen

Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, The

Author: Crane, Stephen

Cask of Amontillado, The

Author: Poe, Edgar Allan

Open Boat, The

Author: Crane, Stephen

Open Window, The

Author: Saki

Rappaccini's Daughter

Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Young Goodman Brown

Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel

White Heron, A

Author: Jewett, Sarah Orne

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