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Vocabulary Power Plus Online

An efficient approach to vocabulary instruction designed for grades 9-12

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Ready to take vocabulary learning to the digital sphere?

Ready to take vocabulary learning to the digital sphere?

For more than a decade, Vocabulary Power Plus has helped over one million students build vocabulary and improve reading comprehension, writing skills, and test scores, thanks to its multifaceted approach to vocabulary learning.

The program trusted by thousands of teachers now offers core vocabulary instruction in a completely digital format. Vocabulary Power Plus Online is designed to strengthen high school students' vocabulary skills with greater efficiency compared to traditional classroom instruction.

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Vocabulary Power Plus Online:

  • Introduces over 300 vocabulary words per level
  • Challenges students with rigorous vocabulary activities
  • Provides individualized student reporting
  • Automatically assesses students’ work
  • Saves time spent on traditional classroom instruction

Keep vocabulary instruction simple.

Vocabulary Power Plus Online is completely browser-based—no software download required. All you need is an internet connection. Each course of the program is composed of 21 lessons. A simple interface makes navigating through each lesson, segment, and activity a breeze.

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Learn every element of each vocabulary word.

Students are introduced to new vocabulary words and definitions, including parts of speech and example sentences. Each word is pronounced both in its entirety and syllable by syllable through audible dictation and on-screen text.

Practice new vocabulary in a non-graded environment.

Students have multiple opportunities to match newly learned words to their definitions, identify synonyms, and receive immediate feedback as they work.

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Show vocabulary proficiency with numerous activities.

Students demonstrate their developing understanding of new words through exercises that emphasize vocabulary in context, including related word and sentence completion activities.

Apply word mastery through graded exercises.

Students analyze a word's usage at both the sentence and paragraph level through graded context-based assessments, including cloze paragraph completion and word usage exercises.

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Round out each lesson with summative assessments.

At the end of each lesson, students complete free-standing quizzes that test their knowledge with questions related to vocabulary definitions, synonyms, and antonyms.

Vocabulary Power Plus Online Pricing

(*Minimum of 50 students)

  • For Classes:
  • Less than 250 Students*
  • $ 15.99
  • student per year

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  • For Schools:
  • 251 - 1,000 Students
  • $ 12.99
  • student per year

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  • For Districts:
  • 1,000+ Students
  • $ 9.99
  • student per year

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