The Summer Solstice is tomorrow. The news . . . is today.

Rest in peace, Daniel Keyes. The acclaimed author of Flowers for Algernon died on June 15. He was 86.

This year's Banned Books Week is about graphic novels. Persepolis is probably on that list somewhere . . .

In rather surprising news, given how much coverage the subject has received in the last few months, almost 50% of American adults haven't heard of the Common Core.

Speaking of the Common Core, NPR's Anya Kamenetz wonders, "What Does A Good Common Core Lesson Look Like?" Plenty of resources here.

NPR has another article about how the emotion of a poem is carried not just by its words but also by its rhythm.

Andy Miller writes in The Guardian about the art of reading — specifically, how our culture seems to be losing sight of what reading actually is.

That'll do for this week. Be safe and enjoy your weekend.