Pugs performing Hamlet, word crimes, and more . . . the weird is here — this is your Friday news and link roundup.

A man is trying to Kickstart a production of Hamlet . . . using pugs as actors. Yeah. Pugs.

I can't help but feel that this production is going to lack some important parts of the play. Like dialogue.

But how can you resist that cute widdle face?

Backer rewards include tickets to the show, an opportunity to pet all the pugs, and a spaghetti dinner cooked by Mr. Broccoli himself.

I can't decide whether this project is more ludicrous than the one about a bowl of potato salad.

You may have heard — "Weird Al" Yankovic just released a song called "Word Crimes." The song contains some mildly suggestive lyrics. Watch the video here.

Major League Baseball and Jill Biden honored 30 teachers at the MLB All-Star Game. Congratulations to all those chosen.

Excessive teacher turnover costs a lot of money and causes students to learn less. Maybe, just maybe . . . everyone shouldn't be so hard on teachers, then?

What makes a teacher great? Thomas Emerson writes about one of the greatest teachers he had the opportunity to study under.

Have a great weekend.