NCTE 2014 is almost here!

It's going to be an exhilarating weekend with tons of great speakers and seminars, and it pays to be prepared and have a good plan before you get there. So, without further ado, here are our . . .

Top 10 Tips for Surviving Having a Blast at NCTE 2014

  1. BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME, print out several dozen address labels. Make sure you know your school's zip code.
  2. WHEN YOU PACK, leave room for all of the wonderful freebies you're going to pick up.
  3. Plan at least a rough agenda of the sessions and speakers you hope to attend each day. Make sure you allow time to travel from room to room, eat, and rest.
  4. Visit the exhibit hall early and often.
  5. Stop by booth 114 at least once each day to say hi to Kathy, Kendy, Derek, Doug, and Keith.
  6. Keep hydrated.
  7. Look for a "loner" (a solo attendee) and adopt him or her into your group. If you are a loner, try to find another loner or a friendly group to spend some time with.
  8. Suck on hard candy or cough drops.
  9. Make sure you have your photo taken as the model on one of Prestwick House's award-winning book covers.
  10. Eat at least one meal at a truly local restaurant.