Each month we share five things we're enjoying as a part of our Footnotes Newsletter. These links often relate to English Language Arts, teaching grammar and writing, or life in the classroom. See what we love this month:

1. Free Nonfiction reading lesson on NASA's Falcon Heavy launch from The New York Times

From the newspaper's The Learning Network, this lesson plan will encourage your students to think outside the box.

2. Teaching nonfiction in an organized way

Lauralee Moss offers advice for teaching nonfiction alongside literature and poetry. In this post, she describes how to go about setting the tone, providing background on your material, and conducting brainstorming sessions as a part of any lesson covering nonfiction.

3. Are your students compliant, engaged, or empowered?

In this January post from the Readers Writers Workshop, Amy Rasmussen lends some insight on empowerment and time.

4. Allusions that allude

In this post, Susan Barber recalls her own high school English teacher and shares recommendations for teaching students to write about allusions.

5. How Canada became an education superpower

This article from the BBC outlines Canada's success and what it's done to rise to the top tier of internationally ranked education systems.