Each month we share five things related to English language arts that we love as part of our Footnotes Newsletter. These links often relate to teaching vocabulary, grammar, and writing, or life in the classroom. Check out what we love this month, and let us know what you love in the comments below!

1. HBO will air its film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 on May 19th

Will the new film stay true to the original source material? We can't wait to see this latest adaptation of the perennial classroom favorite, premiering later this spring.

2. 8 TED-Ed Lessons to engage even the most uninterested students

These intriguing lessons relate real-world news to everyday topics your students often encounter inside and outside of the classroom.

3. How to get your students to love reading

Carol Bauer shares her creative methods for getting reluctant students to read.

4. The rhetorical analysis of poetry

Rhetorical analysis can be challenging, but implementing poetry into your curriculum is a fantastic way to introduce your students to rhetoric.

5. Active listening: Using Times videos, podcasts and articles to practice a key skill

Are your students good listeners? In this lesson, Larry Ferlazzo offers several helpful strategies to improve listening.