Building a robust academic vocabulary is crucial in every element of language arts instruction, and that’s why Vocabulary Power Plus is designed specifically to improve your students’ vocabulary knowledge, reading comprehension, writing and grammar proficiency, and test prep skills. But what happens after students put their books away?

Discover the power of digital vocabulary practice!

Vocabulary practice should be available all the time—after all, learning new words doesn’t happen only in the classroom. You deserve a vocabulary program that keeps working after the school day is over, and that’s why your favorite series now has its own website. has everything you need for effortless instruction. Your students can practice Levels 4 through 12 of Vocabulary Power Plus with fun games and activities on our new mobile-friendly site.

Simply go to to get started right away!

All your students need to do is select the level of the book, find the lesson you’re currently working on, and choose from a variety of exercises designed to test their skills:

  • Learn correct spelling and the definition of a word.
  • Measure word retention with flashcards.
  • Match the word to its definition.
  • Spell the word they hear.
  • Test their understanding with 4 written questions, 4 matching questions, and 3 True/False questions.

About Vocabulary Power Plus

Within the pages of Vocabulary Power Plus, you will find effective approaches to long-term word retention, including context-based questions and identifying sentence-error activities. Learn all about Vocabulary Power Plus.