Each month we share five things related to English language arts that we love as part of our Footnotes Newsletter. These links often relate to teaching vocabulary, grammar, and writing, or life in the classroom. Check out what we love this month, and let us know what you love in the comments below!

1. Children Prefer to Read Books on Paper Rather Than Screens

The results from this fascinating study will astound you.

2. 5 Tips For Empowering Student Leaders

Leadership and mentorship are two important qualities to have in your classroom—check out these tips to help you empower your students.

3. Commenting on Student Writing

Try this approach to improve student writing.

4. 15 Poem and Song Pairings to Liven Up Your Poetry Unit

Don’t let intricate poetry intimidate your students—show them how accessible poetry can be by pairing poems with music.

5. AP Literature Exam Prep Resources

It’s that time of year, so get your students prepared for the AP Literature exam with the help of these videos.