Each month, we share five things we love as part of our Footnotes Newsletter. Check out some of our favorite English language arts articles.

1. Poetry Off the Shelf: Teaching Poetry with Carol Jago

Carol Jago, author, teacher, and former president of NCTE, discussed teaching poetry in a recent podcast from The Poetry Foundation.

2. Stuck on an Escalator - Funny Motivational Video

Looking for a great way to kick off the year? A teacher on Reddit shared this great video to inspire students.

3. New Hemingway Story Published 60 Years after His Death

Written in 1956, Hemingway’s short story “A Room on the Garden Side” was published in this month’s Strand Magazine.

4. Teaching Living Poets

Sick of the classic old dead white men? Why not teach some modern poems this fall?

5. Top 10: Informational Writing (not the research paper)

Moving Writers shares 10 informational writing projects that are more interesting than the classic research paper.