Each month, we share five things we love as part of our Footnotes Newsletter. Check out some of our favorite English language arts articles from around the web.

1. Make a New Year’s Resolution To Learn Your School’s Policies on Texts

Do you know your school or district’s policy on selecting and using texts in the classroom? If not, check out this quick guide by Millie Davis, director of the Intellectual Freedom Center at the National Council of Teachers of English.

2. When Should I Use A Comma?

The next time your students need a refresher on comma usage, show them this helpful video by Why We Read!

3. Get your students engaged with poetry collections with this hands-on hexagon activity!

Having students discover meaningful connections within poetry collections can be a breeze, thanks to AP teacher Tia Miller’s innovative group activity.

4. Incorporating Independent Reading into Curriculum

Over at AP Lit Help, Lindsay Schneider stresses the importance of independent reading and shares six ways you can encourage students to enjoy reading books of their own choosing.

5. Strategies for Teaching Argument Writing

Argument writing is by far one of the most important tools your students will need for real-world success. In this article for Edutopia, Andrea Marshbank presents three tried-and-true methods for reinforcing this critical skill in your classroom.