Each month, we share five things we love as part of our Footnotes Newsletter. Check out some of our favorite English language arts articles from around the web.

1. Dystopian Choice Unit and 1984 Simulation

The next time you teach dystopian literature, consider playing the 1984 simulation game developed by Matt Brisbin and explained by Susan Barber in this APLitHelp post. Not only will students get a taste of living in a dystopia, they’ll gain a better understanding of the books they’re reading.

2. EdTech is Not Scary: 5 Things to Start With

It’s no surprise that the education field is seeing a shift to digital instruction, but if you’re worried about what changes that may bring to your classroom, fear not! Alice Keeler shares five ways you can integrate technology into your lessons without overhauling your whole teaching strategy.

3. Five Takeaways From The Visible Learning Institute

In this post, educators Shaelynn Farnsworth and Steven Anderson reveal five lessons they learned on fostering student success at the Visible Learning Institute in San Diego.

4. Graphic Novels are Books, Too!

Over at The Nerdy Book Club, Stacey DeCotis argues in favor of the graphic novel, saying just like any other “real” books, graphic novels offer genuine literary merit for students. We totally agree, Stacey!

5. Protesting Through Poetry

In an interview with NPR, acclaimed authors Kwame Alexander and Nikki Giovanni discuss the use of poetry as a tool for protest. Take time to listen to the recording, as the pair beautifully recite poetry from Pablo Neruda, Aja Monet, and T. S. Eliot.