Each month, we share five things we love as part of our Footnotes Newsletter. Take a look at some of our favorite English language arts articles we read in June!

1. Tone Bottles: explore tone in poetry with this engaging hands-on activity for all grade levels!

In this guest post for TeachLivingPoets.com, Valerie A. Person outlines a hands-on, creative activity you can use to help students understand the abstract concept of tone.

2. An English Teacher’s Reading Life: Winter/Spring 2019

As summer begins, Susan Barber reflects on the books she’s read so far this year (many of which are Discovering Literature titles!). Check out her list for some fabulous summer reading recommendations.

3. 100 Days of Summer Writing

Why not spend some time this summer honing your writing skills? That’s what the 100 Days of Summer Writing challenge is all about! Over at MovingWriters.com, learn more about this community-powered experience and see how you can use its core concepts in your own classroom.

4. Bringing Student Voice to Your Classroom With Post-It Prompts

To Angelina Murphy, giving her students a platform for their voices is absolutely essential. That’s why she created Post-It Prompts, an activity for students to share their thoughts and opinions on a number of topics. Read her post for directions on how to make your own Post-It Prompt bulletin board in your classroom.

5. 10 Ways To Recharge During Summer Break

Now that it’s June, summer break is underway, and with that comes more time to sit down and breathe. In this post, Ashley from Mme R’s French Resources outlines ten ways you can relax and recharge over the next few months before things ramp back up!