Each month, we share five things we love as part of our Footnotes Newsletter. Take a look at some of our favorite English language arts articles we read in September!

1. Promoting Empathy In Learners: Develop Deep Connections

Like other soft skills, empathy isn’t always an innate trait; it takes time, patience, and experience to build empathic abilities. To start cultivating empathy among your students, Elisabeth Bostwick presents five character-building opportunities that you can introduce in your classroom.

2. Spice Up Literature Lessons with Infographics

Visual learners will absolutely love working with infographics, as explained by Lauralee Moss. Check out her blog post for tips on how to add relevant infographics-based activities to your literature lesson plans.

3. 5 Broadway Musicals for Teaching Literature

If you know the novel you’re teaching has a musical counterpart, why not have students study songs from the show as part of your lesson? Christina at The Daring English Teacher explores five musicals based on classic literature and recommends the perfect songs from each to analyze as a class.

4. Reading Workshop: Where Do I Start?

Unlike the usual class-wide units, reading workshops are a bit more tricky to execute since students are all reading something different. If you need tips on how to make reading workshops work for your classroom, then head to Room 213 for some inspiration.

5. 4 Steps to Improve Student Engagement

And finally, a podcast for you. In this short episode of the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast, Jeromie Heath discusses his four core strategies for transforming even the most disengaged students into ones with a passion for learning.