Dear Teachers,

This year, I’ve seen more “Heroes Work Here” signs than I can count. This ubiquitous statement is an important reminder that the people who have dedicated their lives to educating our children are extraordinary.

From the very start of the pandemic, teachers have been placed in untenable positions and asked to do more with less. Many teachers have had to interact with students through a screen rather than in the classroom. Others have been called back to classrooms and required to enforce mask and distancing policies. Some have had to manage both remote and in-person classes at the same time. In the news and on social media, education has been treated like a political football.

To say this was a difficult school year would be an understatement, but everywhere I looked, I’ve seen teachers like you rise to the occasion. I’ve seen teachers refuse to bend under pressure, to stand tall and make personal connections with students against all odds, to find completely new ways of touching students' lives. It’s inspiring and, quite frankly, amazing.

Congress declared a national Teacher Appreciation Day in 1953, but this year especially, we need more than just a day with free donuts in the teachers’ lounge. All month long at Prestwick House, we’re celebrating teachers like you with weekly giveaways, discounts, and downloadable freebies. Visit our Teacher Appreciation Month page to see all of our offers.

I wanted to start the month with a simple, heartfelt “thank you” for everything you’ve done for the kids in your classroom and for the country as a whole. It’s truly amazing what you do every day, and I hope you know how much you mean to all of us at Prestwick House.


Keith E. Bergstrom
President, Prestwick House
And the entire Prestwick House Team