Each month, we share five things we love as part of our Footnotes Newsletter. Take a look at some of our favorite English language arts resources, articles, and more we found in July!

1. Old-School Classroom Practices That Are Still Effective Today

There’s a reason some teaching traditions last year after year: They just work. In this article for Owlcation, English teacher Tia Butts explains why, despite the adoption of technology and student-led learning, some traditional methods of classroom management and instruction are still effective at building student rapport.

2. Exploring the Library: Activity and Project

Summer break is the perfect time for students to explore their local or online library! This activity by ReadWriteThink provides different ways in which students (and parents) can discover everything their library may have to offer, from the vast collection of books to the technology available for use.

3. Adding Diversity to British Literature: Text Lists by Theme

The British literary canon is rich with academic and historical merit. But sometimes when studying British literature, students don’t encounter enough works that capture the multiculturalism found in Great Britain today. In this blog post, Bespoke ELA founder Meredith offers suggestions for companion texts written by contemporary authors that pair well with familiar British favorites.

4. Why It Is Important to Teach Digital Citizenship

In today’s world, it’s imperative that students know the responsibilities associated with the internet and technology. At The Daring English Teacher, educator Christina explores the facets of digital citizenship, from digital security to digital wellness, and presents different ways you can introduce these concepts in the classroom.

5. How to Create the Perfect High School Scavenger Hunt

Worried about the first day of school? So was Heather at It’s Lit Teaching, until she created her back-to-school scavenger hunt. In this blog post, see why a classroom-wide scavenger hunt is much more engaging than a typical syllabus review!