All throughout the year, new books join Prestwick House’s Discovering Literature collection, a curated list of contemporary books that resonate with today’s students. While all of the books we’ve added this year are both entertaining and educational, some have stood out more than others.

In homage to the National Book Awards, we’re presenting literary honors of our own to our favorite Discovering Literature additions from the past year. Selected based on Prestwick House sales and staff input, all of these picks deserve a place on any library shelf. But only one can win. Below, see which book will take home the title of the 2022 Discovering Literature Book of the Year!

Honorable Mentions


Discovering Literature Book of the Year Award Winner

Discovering Literature

Not every book you teach has to have been written over 100 years ago. When added to your literature curriculum, contemporary books have the power to:

  1. Help students understand that books are relevant to their lives
  2. Foster a love of reading that goes beyond the classroom
  3. Expose students to today’s issues and themes
  4. Bring diverse voices to your class
  5. Increase visibility for marginalized communities
  6. Hook even the most reluctant readers with graphic novels, novels in verse, and other engaging formats

Think it’s time to try something new? The Discovering Literature collection is waiting for you!