There’s no doubt that 7th grade students need strong vocabulary skills. With more word knowledge at their disposal, students can effectively express themselves when writing and speaking, better understand what they read, and ultimately achieve greater academic success in middle school and beyond. Read on to find 100 common vocabulary words that all 7th grade students should add to their lexicons!

abbreviate duress impermanent obsolete reprehensible
adjacent elapse improvise opponent repress
arbitrary eminent incoherent oration respite
assail engross inhibit paltry retract
attentive ethics irate permeate reverberate
badger exhilarating jostle persistent ruse
bizarre fabricate jubilant placate sanctuary
brevity fabulous linguistic potential saturate
circumference fitful mammoth precipitation scamper
companionship flamboyant manufacture preclude singular
composure flourish mar prelude slake
condense foster mentor premise sortie
conspicuous fray militant profound stagnate
contract frugal miscellaneous proposition subordinate
convection fruitful morose prudent succession
detest hilarity mundane rampart succumb
dexterity horizontal mythology realm tertiary
diameter host nominal rejuvenate transgress
distract hostile nullify remnant viable
dreg hypothetical obscure remote wince

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