As 8th graders prepare for the rigors of high school, building a strong vocabulary is crucial for their academic success. By knowing more words, students will feel more confident when it comes to approaching complex texts, tackling writing assignments, and expressing their thoughts. Below, you’ll find 100 common vocabulary words that are appropriate for 8th grade students, many of which they’ll naturally encounter by the time they finish middle school.

abundant cope fanfare malicious prodigal
adjacent debris forlorn malignant prudent
administer delirious forte mandatory rejuvenate
agile dexterity founder mar replenish
alleviate diatribe fundamental marginal repudiate
ambulatory didactic gruff meander respective
animosity dimension gullible menagerie ruse
arbitrary disdain haphazard morbid sanctuary
archaic disencumber horrific morose savory
ardent distraught hypothesis murky scoff
ascend ebb illuminate nonchalant solicitude
assail elusive immerse nostalgia specter
astute embellish imperturbable obliterate squabble
aversion energetic improvise opaque torrid
badger epic incomprehensible opulent tranquil
buff ergonomic inhibit ornate valiant
cavalier euphemism instantaneous painstaking vanguard
clairvoyance evident interminable peerless venomous
clemency exhibit legacy perceptive vulnerable
contemporary extol maim precipitation wince

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