By having an extensive vocabulary, 10th grade students can tackle more challenging texts and better express themselves, setting them up for success in their high school careers and beyond. Below, you’ll find 100 common vocabulary words that 10th grade students should learn over the course of the school year!

abolition culmination gauche liege proliferate
acrimony decorum genetics malodorous prowess
adulation despondent grimace mercenary remorse
aesthetic dilemma hapless mettle requisition
affable divulge heresy milestone resolute
affront dogmatic hilarity motif retribution
alacrity egress humility mundane retrospective
ambivalent eloquent hyperbole negotiate scourge
antipathy emaciated implacable nepotism solstice
aplomb emissary impound novel solvent
audacity evocative impute obnoxious strident
augment exhilarated inclusive omniscient superficial
banter exhort infectious ostracize taboo
biodiversity explicit infinitesimal pathology taciturn
candid extraneous inflection phenomenon tempo
caricature fallacy infrastructure placebo terse
chaos felony inherent plagiarism tolerate
charlatan foresight inquisitive precocious tome
colloquial formidable legitimate precursor ultimatum
concur frivolous lexicon progression uncanny

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