By 11th grade, students are expected to have a sophisticated understanding of language, especially as they dive deeper into literature, history, science, and other subjects. In this post, you’ll find 100 common vocabulary words that are perfect for students in 11th grade, all of which can help them as they continue their studies.

aegis cessation fiscal liaison reconnaissance
affluence cognizant formulaic luster rectify
aficionado colloquial fulminate malfeasance redolent
alluvial copious gloat meritorious redundant
altercation debacle grotesque mollify regale
altruism deference harbinger monotone restive
ambiance delineate hypothesis myriad rudimentary
ambiguous detritus impediment nonentity sedition
animosity dichotomy impervious obdurate semantic
apex dubious importune obligatory spurious
apropos eclectic infinitesimal opulent summation
ascertain egregious insinuate pandemic surreptitious
baroque emanate insufferable panegyric transitory
besiege empirical juxtaposition peruse translucent
bland endemic kismet philanthropy travesty
boycott epithet knell plethora usurp
callow eradicate labyrinth pseudonym venerate
cataclysm eschew lambent quintessential verdant
caveat factious languid rapport verisimilitude
certitude filibuster lavid rationalize voracious

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