Having a strong vocabulary is essential for 12th grade students as they prepare for life outside of high school. Knowing more words will greatly improve their reading, writing, and communication skills, all of which are valuable no matter the path they choose after graduation. Below, you’ll find 100 common vocabulary words that 12th grade students should learn before high school ends!

abjure credence immutable paragon scion
acme crescendo inanimate patronizing serendipity
adamant deleterious inconclusive platitude sojourn
anathema delineate incongruous plethora soluble
anecdote demise incumbent populace sovereign
arable demographics innate precipitate synopsis
archaic denizen innocuous prestige tectonic
aspire depiction interminable primordial tenet
attribute discourse interpose pundit traverse
axiom disproportionate intrinsic putrid tremulous
camaraderie disquieting intrusive reciprocate trite
celestial dissipate kudos refract umbrage
cerebral enigma litany relegate unequivocal
circumnavigate episodic ludicrous remuneration utopian
collaborate estrange mercurial resignation vacious
comprise forensic metamorphosis revere verbose
conundrum fruition meticulous rife vernacular
convoluted gullible moratorium ruse vibrant
corroborate hubris nondescript satiety vocation
cosmopolitan idyllic obsequious scapegoat zealous

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