The more words students know, the stronger their reading, writing, and communication skills will be. For 9th grade students especially, having a strong vocabulary can be helpful as they start to tackle tougher high school assignments. In this post, you’ll find 100 common vocabulary words that are appropriate for students in 9th grade and beyond.

abstain controversy envisage incognito personification
accelerate dally epigram inept pessimistic
admonish daunt fatalistic introvert photogenic
affiliate debonair fortitude laborious pinnacle
affliction deface frivolous levity precept
aghast delete genealogy macabre prohibit
allocate denomination genesis melee prospect
begrudge denounce gull mellifluous query
belated deplete haughty mesmerized queue
berserk desist hilarity mitigate radical
blatant dissonance homage nefarious rambunctious
cache edifice illusion notarize random
cadaverous eerie immortalize notorious recede
calibrate efface immunity overwhelmed relapse
capitalize elated impartial pacify rift
caricature embezzle impervious pariah subversive
catalyst embroil implement partisan superficial
chauvinist emissary inaudible patrician superfluous
cognizant ensue incision perceive tantamount
confound entity inclusive perceptible vivid

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