Each month, we share five things we love as part of our Footnotes Newsletter. Take a look at some of our favorite English language arts resources, articles, and more we found in November!

1. Building Better Readers with Scaffolded Read Alouds

Reading books aloud daily is one of the best ways to introduce students, especially those in younger grades, to more complex texts and unfamiliar vocabulary. Not only is it fun, this practice also serves as a model for critical thinking and effective discussion skills. This video by Edutopia showcases how one New York school uses read alouds in every grade to help students grow confident in their reading skills.

2. Like It or Not: Kids Hear the News. Here’s How Teachers Help Them Understand It

With social media as popular as ever, students are undoubtedly learning about tragedies in the news nearly every week, if not daily. In this article for NPR, see how teachers are helping students cope with difficult events while emphasizing the importance of honesty and media literacy when discussing tough topics.

3. A Reading/Writing Road Map for Those Hard-To-Schedule Days

Do you find it hard to come up with lesson plans the week before a holiday break? If yes, this Moving Writers article is for you! Tenth-grade English teacher Ashley Anderson shares her easy-to-follow, low pressure writing activities that are perfect for filling those awkward days.

4. Close Reading Made Easy And Fun!

Close reading skills are necessary for students to connect with a text, and for English teacher Alexa Borota, the key to building these skills is through modeling. In this video, see how she uses her smartboard to get her students fully involved in the annotation process. Visit her YouTube channel to watch now!

5. 49 Gifts That Are Perfect for the Person Who Always Has Their Nose in a Book

Have you started your holiday shopping for the literature lovers in your life? This curated list by Shop TODAY is packed with bookish gift suggestions for every budget.