Each month, we share five things we love as part of our Footnotes Newsletter. Take a look at some of our favorite English language arts resources, articles, and more we found in December!

1. Unwrap Literary Magic with a Comparative Holiday Song Analysis Activity

No holiday celebration is complete without the iconic songs of the season! In this activity at Nouvelle ELA, students will hone their analytical skills by identifying and exploring various literary devices in two festive tunes. This quick and enriching lesson is perfect for filling in those weird times around breaks.

2. How to Help Students That Do Nothing AND Wait to the Last Minute

Handling procrastinating students can be frustrating, especially when they suddenly want extra time to do an assignment they haven’t even started. But there is hope! Former teacher CJ Reynolds has a plan for holding students accountable for their work while keeping them motivated at every step of the process. Watch his full methodology at his YouTube channel!

3. English Teachers, Here’s How to Improve Your Unit

With the first half of the school year behind us, you might be looking back on the units you’ve taught so far. Maybe there’s one that just didn’t go the way you imagined. Instead of scrapping it, why not revamp it for future use? Heather at It’s Lit Teaching has six steps you can take to make your units better without getting overwhelmed.

4. Cool Cat Teacher's AI Insight: 10 Ways I'm Using AI Today

The conversation on artificial intelligence (AI) in the classroom continues, this time with educator Vicki Davis of The Cool Cat Teacher podcast. Always looking for the latest teaching strategies, Davis has experimented with using AI alongside research-backed best practices in her lessons. Tune in to this episode to learn more about her experiences!

5. 20 Bulletin Boards To Ring In the New Year

Finally, let’s close out 2023 by looking forward to a great year ahead! At We Are Teachers, take a look at these cute, pun-filled bulletin board ideas that will get students excited for a new year of laughing and learning!