If you look at any bestselling booklist for children and young adults from the past few years, you’re bound to see at least one novel-in-verse in the rankings. These unconventional books have exploded in popularity among middle and high school students and teachers alike.

Like the name suggests, novels-in-verse present a story through poetry. The narrative unfolds through poetic lines or stanzas that follow free verse, blank verse, or other rhyme schemes instead of paragraphs and chapters.

Despite the format, novels-in-verse still include all the elements of traditional prose stories like plot, setting, character development, and conflict. That’s what makes them great alternatives to longform texts, especially for students who find them intimidating. By breaking the narrative into short segments, novels-in-verse help students feel confident as they read while ensuring that they receive a well-rounded literary experience.

Below, discover 15 of our favorite novels-in-verse that have the power to hook even the most reluctant of readers!

Novels-in-Verse for Middle School Students

Novels-in-Verse for High School Students

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