Educators are inundated with new tools every year. It can be overwhelming to know what’s best for your students. After all, we have a limited amount of classroom time that can’t be squandered with ineffective and unreliable programs.

The Vocabulary Power Plus Online platform was created with students AND teachers in mind.

Here are 5 reasons why you should incorporate VPPO into your classroom schedule:

1. Vocabulary Instruction Is Important

The language students use in texting and talking with friends is very different from academic vocabulary. Unless your students are avid readers, they may never encounter a lot of words they will see on tests and in required readings.

Our Vocabulary Power Plus Online program has over 300 high-impact words that students will most likely see on the SAT, ACT, and in higher-level texts. Because the words are presented in small groups of five, students get a chance to really interact with them in a meaningful way.

2. Instant Feedback

Were you the type of student who'd hand in tests to your teachers and then pray they'd grade them right then? If they did, you would watch every pen stroke to see how many marks they made, trying to determine your score.

Fortunately, a lot more things can be done instantly nowadays, including getting results from Vocabulary Power Plus Online activities and quizzes. Students love the feedback they get after finishing an activity. Teachers love that they aren’t the ones doing the grading!

3. Different Format for Learning

We know that everyone learns differently. Meeting students where they are comfortable is important.

The Vocabulary Power Plus Online program is an interactive tool that reaches students on a digital platform with shorter activities and engaging practice. The audio section helps those who like to hear the word being pronounced and defined. Most kids are receptive to online work, and it’s important to give everyone an opportunity to try learning in different formats.

4. Data

Assessing student mastery is easier with data. However, gathering that data can sometimes be cumbersome and time-consuming. Vocabulary Power Plus Online makes it easy to get more information about your students’ progress. Teachers can look at individual or class reports, either at a high level or in a more detailed format.

In addition to seeing how well a student did on an activity or quiz, teachers can also see how much time was spent doing the activity. This helps ensure the fidelity of the data.

5. Variety of Uses

While the Vocabulary Power Plus Online program is great as a standalone tool, it also can be used as a springboard for other activities to accelerate reading comprehension and writing skills. Use the words in VPPO to connect with a text. Have students keep a notebook in which they write sentences or stories using the vocabulary from a particular lesson. Find the words in “real world” contexts, such as news articles or television shows. Have them do SAT practice sessions. Show them that these words are not in a vacuum—they are out there, and students will see them again.

Ready to take a look at Vocabulary Power Plus Online for yourself? Request a free trial account to preview the program!