College and Career Readiness: Writing will prepare your students to produce quality writing for high school — the kind of writing they must be able to produce by the time they graduate from secondary school.

Every lesson in this four-year, comprehensive writing program provides students with instruction and practice in various writing tasks, including process writing, on-demand writing, and journaling. Model student essays will help your students learn to analyze, critique, and refine their own work.

Order this standards-based approach to writing today and give your high school students the writing program they need to become college- and career-ready.

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Teach writing for high school with College and Career Readiness: Writing by:

  • Aligning your daily, weekly, and monthly unit plan with the Common Core State Standards
  • Instructing students and give indispensable practice in the full scope of writing that they will need to complete after high school
  • Building student confidence and independence as they overcome the need for scaffolding
  • Articulating student growth and expectations from one year to the next using the four-year rubric
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