If your students need to practice true literary analysis, Levels of Understanding is the teaching guide for you.

Every title-specific guide challenges students with questions in five learning domains based on those found in Bloom's Taxonomy for Reading Comprehension.

And on the road from basic comprehension to evaluation, the scaffolded structure of the guide will support your students — each domain builds on the knowledge gained in the previous one.

Plus, Levels of Understanding units put your classroom on the path to meeting multiple Common Core State Standards for Reading: Literature.

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Why should you use Bloom’s Taxonomy?

  • Scaffolding helps students of all ability levels leap the gaps between learning domains. Questions for each domain feed into and reinforce the next.
  • Your students will go beyond merely regurgitating facts — Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation questions make students practice higher-order thinking skills.
  • Collected research gives your students the context they need to completely understand a literary work.
  • Levels of Understanding guides help your classroom meet Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts
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