Multiple Critical Perspectives

Open your students' minds to the vast possibilities of themes and theory in literature.

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Open your students' minds to the vast possibilities of themes and theory in literature.

Make learning about critical theory engaging
and intellectually rewarding.

One of the most exciting parts of teaching literary themes and theory is seeing your students analyze a work of literature from a new perspective.

Each Prestwick House Multiple Critical Perspectives guide introduces your students to three critical theories and provides activities to examine the work you are studying from each perspective - a perfect format to help students at any level think about what they are reading in new and interesting ways.

As they work through each title-specific guide, your students will become practiced in approaching texts from various angles and expand their critical thinking strategies.

Every Multiple Critical Perspectives guide will also help your students prepare for the types of critical analyses they'll be asked to perform in college. You'll be amazed to hear your students talk about politics, class divisions, the complexity of the human mind, and more-and what high school student doesn't love applying what they learn in class to real-world issues?

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Each Multiple Critical Perspectives guide introduces three of these six literary theories:

  • Archetypal
  • Feminist
  • Freudian
  • Marxist
  • Formalist
  • New Historicist

All Available Multiple Critical Perspectives Guides

Author: Orwell, George
Animal Farm
Author: Orwell, George
Author: Rand, Ayn
Author: Sophocles
As I Lay Dying
Author: Faulkner, William
The Bean Trees
Author: Kingsolver, Barbara
Author: Morrison, Toni
The Bluest Eye
Author: Morrison, Toni
Brave New World
Author: Huxley, Aldous
The Comedy of Errors
Author: Shakespeare, William
The Crucible
Author: Miller, Arthur
Ethan Frome
Author: Wharton, Edith
Fahrenheit 451
Author: Bradbury, Ray
A Farewell to Arms
Author: Hemingway, Ernest
Author: Shelley, Mary
The Glass Menagerie
Author: Williams, Tennessee
Great Expectations
Author: Dickens, Charles
The Great Gatsby
Author: Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Author: Gardner, John
Author: Shakespeare, William
Invisible Man
Author: Ellison, Ralph
Jane Eyre
Author: Brontë, Charlotte
The Jungle
Author: Sinclair, Upton
King Lear
Author: Shakespeare, William
The Kite Runner
Author: Hosseini, Khaled
Life of Pi
Author: Martel, Yann
Lord of the Flies
Author: Golding, William
Author: Shakespeare, William
Author: Euripides
The Merchant of Venice
Author: Shakespeare, William
Much Ado About Nothing
Author: Shakespeare, William
Native Son
Author: Wright, Richard
Of Mice and Men
Author: Steinbeck, John
Author: Shakespeare, William
Our Town
Author: Wilder, Thornton
The Pearl
Author: Steinbeck, John
The Poisonwood Bible
Author: Kingsolver, Barbara
Author: Shaw, George Bernard
Richard III
Author: Shakespeare, William
Romeo and Juliet
Author: Shakespeare, William
The Scarlet Letter
Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel
Author: Hesse, Hermann
The Stranger
Author: Camus, Albert
The Taming of the Shrew
Author: Shakespeare, William
The Tempest
Author: Shakespeare, William
Transcendentalism: Essential Essays of Emerson and Thoreau
Author: Emerson, Ralph Waldo and Henry David Thoreau
Treasure Island
Author: Stevenson, Robert Louis
Twelfth Night
Author: Shakespeare, William

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