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The Great Gatsby: American Dream Pre-Reading Poll

Before reading, have students respond to these questions about wealth and the American Dream. The questions are designed to introduce students to the concepts Fitzgerald explores throughout the novel.


The Great Gatsby: Meet the Characters

This pre-reading worksheet introduces students to The Great Gatsby’s famous cast of characters. After considering the information presented for each character, students are asked to predict which characters will be in greatest conflict as the story unfolds.


The Great Gatsby: What’s Your Ultimate Gatsby Getaway?

Get students acquainted with the thematic significance of The Great Gatsby’s settings using this free worksheet. Modeled after a personality quiz, the activity matches students with a setting from the novel that best suits their personal style. Each setting’s description reveals key traits about the characters that reside in each environment.


The Great Gatsby: Whose Tweet is it?

This fun worksheet has students imagine that social media existed in the 1920s. As they read through these fictitious social media posts, students are asked to match each post with its likely writer.


The Great Gatsby: New York Tourism Review

Like the Gatsby Getaway worksheet, this activity asks students to recall key observations about the novel’s setting in the form of a mock online travel review. After reading a fictitious review about West Egg, students are to respond with one of their own, arguing whether they agree or disagree with the reviewer’s points.


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