Remember those who must never be forgotten.

Nobel Peace Prize-winner Elie Wiesel's text about the horrors of the Holocaust transports readers to a nightmare world in which human decency is threadbare and justice has been extinguished: the world of Night. How can one explain the inhuman violence the Nazis inflicted on the Jews? How can one imagine it?

Wiesel's book is his testimony, his memorial to those he will not allow the world to forget. For high-school students, it's also a tragic masterpiece full of dark ironies and recurring motifs, making it perfect for literary analysis.

Prestwick House has several resources to help you build your perfect lesson plan for Night​ and teach this essential text to your students.


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We have many resources to help you teach ​Night​:

Teaching Unit

Night - Teaching Unit

The Teaching Unit for Night gives you a complete and academic unit that you can easily incorporate into your lesson plan.

By the time your students have finished the unit, they'll have completed 10 academic objectives, including examining the uses of several literary techniques, analyzing the author's style, and providing evidence from the book to support their analyses.

A chapter-by-chapter study guide with questions ensures students don't miss anything important, and a multiple-choice and essay test help you assess your students' knowledge.

AP* Literature Teaching Unit

Night - AP Teaching Unit 

The AP Literature Teaching Unit for Night prepares your students for the AP Literature and Composition exam while they read and analyze the text.

The study guide questions focus on matters of literary technique beyond characters, themes, and plot, and the multiple-choice and free-response essay test questions are structured like those they'll encounter on exam day.

Activity Pack

Night - Activity Pack 

If your students are having some trouble getting into standard methods of studying literature, Activity Packs are the answer.

The Activity Pack for Night contains 31 activities that span the entire text, plus pre-reading and wrap-up activities.

These activities help your students explore plot, themes, irony, diction, perspective, and much, much more.

Levels of Understanding

Night - Levels of Understanding



Support your students as they learn to apply higher-order thinking skills to the study of literature.

The Levels of Understanding guide for Night is full of questions in the five domains of a modified version of Bloom's Taxonomy: Comprehension, Reader Response, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation.

Each domain leads into the next, providing essential scaffolding for students who may be less experienced with deep literary analysis.

Response Journal

Night - Response Journal

With all the emphasis on testing and rigor these days, is there any room for just enjoying a good book anymore?

We think so. Reflecting on your feelings about characters and events can lead to deeper understandings.

The Response Journal for Night has 63 writing prompts that are sure to make your students think about how the book relates to their own lives.

The Response Journal also includes a multiple-choice test.

Vocabulary from Literature

Night - Vocabulary from Literature

Now your students can study vocabulary as they work their way through a literary text.

The Vocabulary from Literature guide for Night contains 18 activities that will help students learn and remember challenging words from the book.

These activities include determining synonyms, writing sentences using context clues, studying Latin and Greek roots and prefixes, and more.

A vocabulary test is also included.

Novel Test

Night Novel Test Title Page 

Need a test for Night — and need it today?

Download our Novel Test and you'll have it at your fingertips immediately.

The multiple-choice and matching questions are mostly plot-based, while the essay questions ask students to analyze ​symbols and themes in the novel.

Complete Teacher's Kit

Romeo and Juliet - Complete Teacher's Kit

The Complete Teacher's Kit for Night includes:

  • Teaching Unit
  • Activity Pack
  • Response Journal
  • Headlines posters

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