About Us

Our Mission

At Prestwick House, our mission is to help you inspire students to use English/Language Arts to become better readers and writers, learn to love literature, and succeed in the 21st century.

Who We Are

We'e a tight-knit team of educators and language enthusiasts who are passionate about English—about literature, writing, vocabulary, and the power that English/Language Arts has to change students’ lives for the better.

We know you're as excited about English/Language Arts as we are, and we want to help you get the most from your students. That's why, for 30 years and counting, we've created well-researched resources that are pedagogically sound, are based on real classroom practice, fan the flames of inquiry in young minds, and make teaching English a little more fun.

We're here to support you, so if you ever need anything, give us a call. Our customer service is the best in the business, and we're dedicated to making your shopping experience as easy as possible.

You deserve answers to your questions in seconds, not after tedious minutes on hold, so when you call, a real person will pick up the phone within a few rings. We'll work with you to solve any problem you have, whether you're wondering if a book is right for your class, or you need help finding a new Common Core resource.

Our History

In the early 1980s, Dr. James Scott was the Associate Principal for Curriculum at Delaware’s Dover Sr. High School, where he spent his summers searching for resources that would help English teachers address English/Language Arts skills. When he couldn’t find materials that met his high standards and the needs of students, he decided to write the materials for teachers himself based on his own classroom experience.

He soon discovered that his fellow educators found his resources to be essential parts of their classrooms, and he turned his attention to helping teachers full-time. He named his new company “Prestwick House,” after the street on which he lived, and devoted his efforts to making high-quality materials that help teachers make a difference.

Today, we’re committed to the same values with which Dr. Scott founded Prestwick House. We know teaching is a tough profession, so we do our best to make resources that will lighten your load. From our writers to our warehouse staff, from marketing to management to customer service, we all want to help you any way we can.

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