Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT is now Vocabulary Power Plus Classic!

We've updated Vocabulary Power Plus, but we know many teachers love the older program and don't want to update their curriculum.

Every Vocabulary Power Plus Classic book gives you more than 200 words and exercises that help you teach them to your students.

Vocabulary Power Plus Classic still contains all vocabulary and test prep lessons that has made it a best-seller for over a decade.


Quizlet is a great platform for online practice that students love. This free and easy to use site has been preloaded with material for this program. Learn more →


Why should you use Vocabulary Power Plus Classic?

  • You'll save time because you won't have to write vocabulary lessons from scratch.
  • Reading passages similar to those on the SAT* or ACT** help students learn words by examining their contexts.
  • Multiple exercises reinforce the meanings of words to students, fostering long-term knowledge.
  • Your students will learn more than 200 new words in each book.
  • You'll tackle vocabulary instruction and test prep with one resource.
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