Building a comprehensive vocabulary unit based on the power of roots, prefixes, and suffixes has never been easier.

Get free sample pages for Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots and see how you can teach students to decode new words on sight!

Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots

Smart teachers know that determining the meaning of unfamiliar words by looking at word parts is one of the most valuable skills students can develop. That’s why an organized study of word roots is important.

With Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots for grades 7-12, your students can gain the tools they need to decipher thousands of English words on sight.

Each level of Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots includes:

  • Focused lessons for more than 200 words organized by related word roots, prefixes, and suffixes
  • Word definitions, example sentences, synonyms and antonyms, and parts of speech explanations
  • Mnemonic cartoons and interesting word notes that make content fun and memorable
  • Sentence completion, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and words-in-context exercises
  • Reading passages and questions modeled after those found on standardized tests
  • Free practice games available on
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