Discover the merit of research-backed direct vocabulary instruction.

This free white paper explores how research-based methods of direct vocabulary instruction can lead to improved reading, writing, and test prep skills.

The Value of Direct Vocabulary Instruction: A Look Into the Research Behind Vocabulary Power Plus

With reading scores among the nation’s children dropping since the pandemic, educators across the United States are exploring different instructional approaches grounded in the science of reading. One such methodology gaining traction is direct vocabulary instruction.

Available for grades 4 through 12, Vocabulary Power Plus systematically combines multiple methods of direct instruction into one program that’s enriching for students, convenient for teachers, and cost-effective for schools.

In this free white paper, you’ll discover:

  • How vocabulary improves reading, writing, and test preparation skills
  • The research-based methods of direct vocabulary instruction
  • How Vocabulary Power Plus uses those methods to boost student learning
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