Vocabulary Power Plus: Science of Reading

Our #1 bestselling vocabulary program designed for 4th-12th grade

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Our #1 bestselling vocabulary program designed for 4th-12th grade

Improve literacy skills with powerful vocabulary instruction.

Research into literacy shows that developing a powerful vocabulary is critical in allowing students to read at or above grade level. But the kind of vocabulary instruction they receive matters. That’s why Vocabulary Power Plus remains a top choice for amplifying core language skills for students at all levels of learning.

Updated for 2024, this series takes a direct approach to vocabulary instruction as supported by the science of reading, ensuring that students retain the words they learn for life. Every chapter includes even more reading comprehension activities alongside classroom-tested vocabulary drills and test prep exercises that teachers trust. New graphic organizers and links to online audio files add another dimension to vocabulary study.

This new edition of Vocabulary Power Plus is backwards compatible with previous workbooks and covers the same word lists. You’ll find all of the original materials in the Teacher’s Edition, including grammar and writing exercises modeled after those on standardized tests.

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Vocabulary Power Plus- 4th Grade / Level 4

Vocabulary Power Plus (original)

4th Grade

Vocabulary Power Plus- 5th Grade / Level 5

Vocabulary Power Plus (original)

5th Grade

Vocabulary Power Plus- 6th Grade / Level 6

Vocabulary Power Plus (original)

6th Grade

Vocabulary Power Plus- 7th Grade / Level 7

Vocabulary Power Plus (original)

7th Grade

Vocabulary Power Plus- 8th Grade / Level 8

Vocabulary Power Plus (original)

8th Grade

Vocabulary Power Plus- 9th Grade / Level 9

Vocabulary Power Plus (original)

9th Grade

Vocabulary Power Plus- 10th Grade / Level 10

Vocabulary Power Plus (original)

10th Grade

Vocabulary Power Plus- 11th Grade / Level 11

Vocabulary Power Plus (original)

11th Grade

Vocabulary Power Plus- 12th Grade / Level 12

Vocabulary Power Plus (original)

12th Grade

Give your students a leg up on every element of language arts.

Want to know how to improve reading comprehension, writing and grammar proficiency, and vocabulary decoding skills, and lift test scores in only minutes a week?

Vocabulary Power Plus is the only program designed from the ground up to give your students weekly practice on the language arts skills and question formats that they will encounter on standardized tests.

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Vocabulary Power Plus Online

New for 2021: Our most popular vocabulary program goes digital!

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This free and easy-to-use site has been preloaded with material for this program.

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See how Vocabulary Power Plus can benefit your students.

  • Lessons on roots, prefixes, and suffixes
  • Direct instruction on 200-300 high-impact words
  • Activities on inference, related-word, and deeper meanings
  • Context-based vocabulary questions
  • Paired passages that ask students to compare different texts
  • Prompts modeled on the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests
  • Improving paragraph activities
  • Identifying sentence-error exercises
  • Crossword puzzles and review activities

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