Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots - Level X


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Author(s): Osborne, Elizabeth
Editor: Knox, Larry
Illustrator: Knox, Larry
Page Length: 144pgs
Copyright: 2005
Weight: 0.69 lbs.
Item Code: 200044
ISBN: 9781580492065
ISBN-10: 1580492061

This book, the 10th grade level of Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots, was formerly known as Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots - Level IV.

Not every teacher understands how powerful roots-based vocabulary instruction can be.

Give your 10th grade students the most effective and powerful vocabulary instruction available. Based on research-proven strategies, Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots will help your 7th to 12th graders decode thousands of words and build a lifetime of reading success.

Watch your students grow confident in their Latin and Greek roots knowledge thanks to:

  • A logical structure that helps students build connections between related words
  • Mnemonic cartoons and interesting word notes that make studying fun and effective
  • Exercises using words in context to lock in understanding
  • Strategies that help students understand the building blocks of language

Building a complete, year-long unit to help your students understand how roots, prefixes, and suffixes work together has never been easier.

This is the single student edition of Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots for 10th grade. For the complete package, click here.

For the 30 student books and teacher's edition bundle, click here.

This is the new 3rd edition, and the grade-level labels have changed.

Customer Reviews

21 Jul 2015 | C. Olin

The way the books are organized- Good components for students to practice usage- test bank

Review Rating:

21 Jul 2015 | C. Yandell |

Very good starting point t understanding where our language comes from

Review Rating: 4

21 Jul 2015 | Mrs. M. |

Studying the Latin and Greek roots of words helps students better understand our language. It has a cross-curricular connection, allowing students to connect word roots to multiple subject areas.

Review Rating: 5

21 Jul 2015 | high school English teacher |

will use again next year

Review Rating: 5

21 Jul 2015 | High School English Teacher |

the simple presentation, I can use the practice and introduction DVDs easily in my classroom,

Review Rating: 4

21 Jul 2015 | M. Dillon- high school English teacher |

Teaching roots as opposed to words in isolation unlocks access to so many new words for students to discover. When reading literature throughout the year, students naturally recognize many of the roots from the units in other words, thus making their learning more authentic. For this reason, I would definitely recommend teaching vocabulary through the study of Latin and Greek roots.

Review Rating: 4

21 Jul 2015 | Secondary Special Education Teacher -English |

The lessons follow same pattern and works GREAT with all students regardless of level and learning issues

Review Rating: 5

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