Growing Your Vocabulary: Learning from Latin and Greek Roots - Level 6


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Page Length: 244 pgs
Copyright: 2008
Weight: 1.18 lbs.
Item Code: 302616
ISBN: 9781580498722
ISBN-10: 9781580498722

Book C is intended for Grade 6.

This is the single student copy of the book.

The earlier students begin working on developing their vocabulary, the stronger their reading and writing skills will be in the future. Set your 6th-grade students on the right path with Growing Your Vocabulary.

Book C organizes vocabulary words by Latin and Greek roots with similar meanings and explains the conventions that govern word formation. Once students understand the basics of word construction, they'll be prepared to tackle more challenging words with aplomb. Challenge your 6th-grade students with 10 exercises in each chapter that reinforce word meanings and give students essential writing practice.

Growing Your Vocabulary is full of instructional activities:

  • Matching exercises help students practice their knowledge of definitions.
  • Fill-in-the-blank activities help students understand context.
  • Multiple-choice questions get students to think about how the words work.
  • Open-ended questions help students relate the words to their own lives.
  • Sentence completion questions let students demonstrate their mastery of vocabulary.
  • Paragraph and dialogue completion activities let students exercise creativity.
  • Root activities guide students to practice word-attack skills.
  • Word building activities let students play with roots and affixes.
  • Crosswords and word searches are always popular with students.
  • A wide variety of writing assignments gives your students practice using the words on their own.

Customer Reviews

21 Jul 2015 | Mrs. Snyder |

This book helps students expand their vocabulary. There are just enough words per chapter to challenge but not overwhelm the students. The activities and exercises engage the students so this is not just rote memory of new terms, but rather learning new words and incorporating them into students' own personal usage.

Review Rating: 5

29 Oct 2014 | Jkim

I am a middle schooler, and we use this book in school. It is an awesome book and I have learned a lot of thing from this book so far.

Review Rating:

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