Nonfiction is never completely objective. Students need critical thinking skills to evaluate texts like op-ed essays and news reports, and Reading & Analyzing Nonfiction: Slant, Spin & Bias helps them develop these skills to identify bias in nonfiction.

Students will read and analyze rigorous historical and contemporary texts like The Declaration of Independence and Pulitzer Prize-winning editorials. Exercises and writing assignments will help students learn to recognize biased writing and avoid falling for flimsy arguments.

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Reading & Analyzing Nonfiction: Slant, Spin & Bias will help students:

  • Identify bias in nonfiction
  • Distinguish fact from interpretation and opinion
  • Analyze arguments to reveal logical fallacies, bias, and propaganda
  • Evaluate a writer’s effectiveness in conveying a message to a specific audience
  • Reduce bias and fallacious reasoning their own writing
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