SAT Power Prep

Ongoing SAT practice guaranteed to give students a competitive edge

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Ongoing SAT practice guaranteed to give students a competitive edge

Find the SAT Power Prep package that's right for you!

$279.99 per Class Set / $9.99 per Student Edition

SAT Power Prep: Ascend - Level 9-10

SAT Power Prep: Ascend

9th-10th Grade

SAT Power Prep: Summit - Level 10-11

SAT Power Prep: Summit

10th-11th Grade

Stack the test-taking odds in your students' favor.

Your students are taking the SAT, so they deserve the best practice you can give them. Thanks to SAT Power Prep, the only SAT practice program designed for English classrooms, you can give every student a chance to succeed.

SAT Power Prep will help you lift your students' test scores in just a few minutes of study a week. This course comes loaded with resources, including SAT-style reading passages and questions designed to familiarize students with the formatting of the test;

language and grammar exercises created to improve students' writing; and context-based vocabulary exercises that emphasize word understanding, rather than memorization.

After working through SAT Power Prep, your students will be prepared for success come test day.

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Improve all areas of your students' SAT test prep expertise with:

  • Reading passages with questions for analysis
  • Writing prompts geared to improve students' composition skills
  • Language and grammar exercises that get students ready for the test
  • Vocabulary practice that focuses on word attack skills

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