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Prestwick House Resources to Support Reading

Find out which Prestwick House programs can help resolve some common issues that might arise while developing your students’ reading skills.

My students have difficulty recognizing an author’s purpose when reading.

Whether they’re trying to inform, persuade, or entertain, authors always have a purpose. Reading & Analyzing Nonfiction: Slant, Spin & Bias helps your students identify the conventions and devices authors use to achieve those goals. Annotated articles and frequent writing prompts throughout the book give your students practice applying the conventions they’ve been studying in their own writing.

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My students don’t understand the nuance of author bias and how it can affect their own perception of a work.

Reading & Analyzing Nonfiction: Slant, Spin & Bias can help with that, too. As they learn about author’s purpose, students will also discover how to define and recognize logical fallacies, bias, and propaganda within nonfiction media.

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My students need help analyzing short stories and poems.

Your students can gain the literary analysis skills they need to appreciate any work of fiction with Reading Literature. Each book in the series includes stories and poems annotated with important information, such as interpretations of difficult passages, explanations of unfamiliar allusions, definitions for tough vocabulary words, and more. After reading each story or poem, students conduct proper literary analysis through multiple short-answer questions.

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It’s hard to find grade-appropriate nonfiction passages that meet our school’s informational text requirements.

Look no further than Reading Informational Texts! Each book in this series adds challenging nonfiction passages to your curriculum and contains several selections drawn from multiple subject areas, including law, history, science, and politics. Every text includes a detailed justification of the passage’s selection, with notes on quantitative and qualitative measures of text difficulty, detailed annotations to clarify text meaning, and short-answer questions tied to the Common Core State Standards for reading informational texts.

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My students aren’t performing their best on standardized reading comprehension tests.

Give them essential practice well before the test with the Preparation for State Reading Assessments series. Each book contains 35 grade-appropriate nonfiction reading selections with multiple-choice and open-ended comprehension questions directly modeled after those used on common standardized tests. If students are familiar with the test questions, they will have better luck demonstrating their abilities and earning higher test scores.

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